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Reimagine Your Tomorrow: Adapt and Grow in a FCDD-up World!

Hosted by
Ira S Wolfe

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July 29th
1:00 pm EDT


Make Change Work for You,

Your Team, and Your Organization

The SHIFT hit everyone's plans in 2020. The world had to duck and cover. Now that we are emerging from shutdowns, lockdowns, and quarantines, the world that many of us left is significantly different than the world we're living in today. No matter where you live, where you work, or what you do, life is different - and often bizarre and weird. Frustration, Confusion, Distraction, and Disappointment (FCDD) confronts us in unexpected and unimaginable ways. "Getting back to normal" are comforting words, but dangerous ones too. Future change is exponentially faster and it comes in waves. "Normal" means learning to grow and thrive in an era of perpetual uncertainty and complexity. Adaptability is no longer a choice or a nice to have skill but an essential human ability you need to grow and thrive. We all need to become adept at adapting.

A lot of people apparently agree!

95% of employees believe "adaptability" will be the top skill needed in the next 6 months!

(Salesforce Global Stakeholder Series, Future of Work Now)

Are you prepared to support and mentor them?

Do you and your employees have the Grit and Resilience to compete?

Is your organization's change-readiness up to par?

Join me for this 1-Hour Webinar on July 29, 2021

to learn about the 5 critical abilities that drive adaptability.


The pandemic proved that humans suck at exponential change! To make matters worse, the World Economic Forum and McKinsey estimate that by 2025, over half of all employees will need retraining and upskilling for half of their core skills! The good news is that you can do something about it. The bad news is that unless you master adaptability, you will very likely give your job up to a robot, or at the very least, another human being.

Are you ready to start the journey to a better tomorrow?

During this webinar, Ira S Wolfe (Certified AQ Foundations Consultant) will introduce you to the 5 Pillars of Adaptability and how you can be best prepared to thrive in the "Next Waves of Normals!"

You Don't Want to Miss This One!


Each Participant Will Receive a FREE AQ Ability Playbook (Valued at $99)

Learn the 5 Pillars of Adaptability

The adaptive, agile, and innovators are thriving. But not everyone has adapted so well. As humans, some of us have limits on our innate adaptability. Some boundaries are imposed by our ability. Others defined by our character (personality) and environment. Pioneering research by Adaptai dissected these boundaries and identified 17 dimensions that can impact our ability to adapt successfully.

You have a choice. Be a force of change or get run over by it. Anticipate the future or resign yourself to it. Are you ready to make a difference, shape your future, chart your course? Start with these 5 pillars of AQ!

How to Avoid a FCDD*-up Future!

Here's the thing about the New Normal: There won't be one normal but many. Different people will experience the impact of change, recovery, and growth in different ways and at different times. And future disruptions will continue in waves. To quote Stuart Parkin, Director at the Max Planck Institute, "The best time to adapt is quite simply, always. This is unless you believe that nothing around you will change." To adapt, grit and resilience are essential but they are merely coping and survival skills. To grow and thrive, you'll need to become adept at the 5 core adaptability quotient abilities.


#1 Predictor of Future Success

Adaptability Quotient is what Emotional Intelligence did for careers in the 1990s and early 2000s. It's definitely time for a change. "Adaptability Quotient" will soon become the #1 predictor of future success. It's essential for nearly every initiative imaginable - from change management and innovation to diversity & inclusion, empathy, and collaboration. It's even required to boost EQ!

Learn How You Can Experience the Revolutionary AQai

Learn about AQai. It's unlike any assessment you'll ever take, starting with the questionnaire. Instead of answering a series of multiple-choice questions, you'll have a conversation with Aida, our chatbot! AQai then offers you an engaging, personalized, and interactive experience. If you choose to complete the AQai (it is voluntary), you'll immediately receive your personalized report upon completion. You can start to discover their AQ and quickly begin to improve it.



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July 29th
1:00 pm EDT